Every heartbeat is another from the last. Every breath is alive and unique, like you, but just one more of the hundreds every hour — think of everyone breathing, every heart beating, every thought that passes each and every second through the world.

Wherever you are, standing or sitting, just feel it: time. Time passing. Time flowing. Time flowing over you and around you, around everyone. Stopping for nothing. Leaving dead things buried and the uncertain yet to come. Regrets and losses — irretrievable in its sudden depths. Fears and doubts unknowable as we fight against the current that pushes everything behind us in a moment, no foothold, no vision.

Time leaves us with only one thing: the present. This is all we can hope to know. This is all we can hope to have.

Sometimes we live as if we know the future. And then sometimes we live as if we’re in the past. But we are none of these things. We’re in the present. The past is swept away. We are who are right now. We are not who we were or who we will be. We can only do things now, never in the future. We live now.

So feel time’s cold waters, and try not to move through them. Let time flow, because that is what it will do. Flow with it. Live for the present tense and the feeling of life and the trillionths of each second as they pass irretrievably into the unchangeable.


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